IP PBX is particularly designed to provide telephone calls sent over data packets over IP Data Network. It offers advanced communication features that maintain higher scalability and robustness. It easily connects to traditional PSTN line via gateways which makes it easier for upgrading process. Deployment of IP PBX does not disrupt any existing communication infrastructure.

Let’s explore the benefits of using IP PBX in offices here:

Easy to install and maintain:

IP PBX works as a software and influences the advance computer processing power. It doesn’t require a professional IP PBX installer either as any proficient networking person can easily install it. Even maintaining IP PBX does not require a trained professional while another telephony system requires professional support at every step. Moreover, with IP PBX, it is easy to manage via GUI or web-based configuration interface which allow the user to maintain the phone system.

Saves cost and need no wiring:

IP PBX allows making local and international call through a VoIP system which saves a significant amount of money and time. It also allows easy connection between branch offices to make free phone calls. Moreover, at the time of installation, it requires no wiring which also saves a lot of costs. Even for making extension connection, it requires no wiring either.

No vendor lock-in:

IP PBX is based on SIP standard which allows it to mix easily with SIP-based system or PSTN line or VoIP gateways. While other telephony system uses advanced features or extension to become compatible with other lines.

In a way, IP PBX offers excellent telephony solution that no traditional or proprietary telephony system can offer.